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Carbon Impregnated Bag Filters

Carbon Impregnated Bag Filters

  • G4 (ISO Coarse 60%) Carbon impregnated bag filters will provide assistance with some low non-critical odour problems such as air supply, which is drawn from busy roads, car parks or under flight paths.
  • Constructed from synthetic media which is coated in highly active powdered activated carbon and housed in a metal frame.
  • This can replace any existing bag filter where some odour reduction and fume absorption is desired.
  • Available in a 20mm or 25mm frame option.
  • Non-standard sizes manufactured to order.
  • Tested to ISO 16890 – EN779: 2012.

Key Benefits

  • Impregnated with carbon particles, these absorb low level gaseous contaminants to remove unpleasant odours greatly improving indoor air quality.
  • High dust holding capacity for optimum filtration together with efficient odour removal.



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