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M6 – F9 Rigid Filters

M6 – F9 Rigid Filters

  • For use as a replacement for the standard bag filter or as fine pre-filtration for HEPA products. Especially good for use in hospitals, offices, computer centres, pharmaceutical, microelectronics and food industries.
  • Constructed with high capacity, microfine, glass or synthetic fibre MiniPleat and bonded into a moulded plastic frame engineered for maximum strength and optimum airflow characteristics.
  • M5 (ISO ePM 10 55%), M6 (ISO ePM 10 65%), F7 (ISO ePM 2.5 70%), F8 (ISO ePM 1 65%), F9 (ISO ePM 1 80%).
  • Also available in grades H10, H12 and H13.
  • Made with an all plastic frame rigid filters are designed to be long lasting and very efficient.
  • This compact configuration can be used to retrofit bag filters and can be installed to existing filter housing with no modification necessary.
  • Delivering longer life and reduced energy consumption.
  • V-shape design to create a low resistance to air flow.
  • Available as a 20mm or 25mm header.
  • Humidity resistant up to 100% RH.
  • Temperature resistant up to 80֯.
  • Incinerable and environmentally friendly.
  • Media tested to ISO 16890 – EN779: 2012.

Key Benefits

  • The V configuration creates a larger surface area delivering fine filtration coupled with an extremely high dust holding capacity promoting consistent levels of high indoor air quality.
  • The V design is energy efficient and the high-performance filter media increases service life whilst reducing filter changes and costs. With the frame being constructed from plastic this is totally stable and will not collapse during any downtime.




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