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Bag filters consist of a series of individual synthetic media pockets supported by a rigid metal header frame supplied in three depths 22, 25 & 30mm’s.

Bag filters are also available with bio-degradable plastic header frames, this option has many benefits over conventional metal headers, primarily lighter in weight making them easier to transport, more environmentally friendly, non corrosive in a moist environment and generally easier to install.

Bag filters are primarily used as a secondary filter with an extended surface for use in areas requiring high levels of air cleanliness.

There are a number of pocket lengths available and the filters themselves are rated from G4 40% to F8 95% Efficiency.

Standard Sizes & Efficiency

Filter Size

Average Efficiency

Efficiency Rate

24x24, 24x20, 24x12

White 40%


24x24, 24x20, 24x12

Brown 50%


24x24, 24x20, 24x12

Green 65%


24x24, 24x20, 24x12

Pink 85%


24x24, 24x20, 24x12

Yellow 95%


Non – standard sizes manufactured to order and delivered within 5 working days

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