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M5 – F9 Compact Filters

M5 – F9 Compact Filters

  • Medium to fine filtration M5 – F9 (ISO ePM 10 60% – ISO ePM 1 80%) this is a compact type air filter which allows for high airflow rates in limited spaces. Generally used in areas requiring a high level of cleanliness such as offices, hospitals, computer centres and pharmaceuticals.
  • Constructed from microfine glass fibre or synthetic minipleat media and housed in a metal, plastic or card cased frame. Available with or without a header.
  • High airflow rates in limited space.
  • M5 (ISO ePM 10 60%), M5 (ISO ePM 10 70%), F7 (ISO ePM 1 55%), F8 (ISO ePM 1 60%), F9 (ISO ePM 1 80%).
  • Non-standard sizes manufactured to order.
  • Tested to ISO 16890 – EN779: 2012.

Key Benefits

  • The compact minipleat construction ensures exceptional filtration and high dust holding capacity where space is limited, or airflows are high.
  • Exceptional performance in high humidity or damp situations, ideal for use in the likes of leisure centres, sports clubs, etc.




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