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Carbon Panel Filters

Carbon Panel Filters

  • Activated carbon panel filters are used in a wide range of air purification and vapour phase applications for general odour removal and to reduce cooking odour, remove exhaust fumes, neutralise ammonia and its derivatives, remove formaldehyde, airborne pollutants and contaminants.
  • Constructed by using long established bonding techniques which hold the activated carbon in a rigid biscuit. The biscuit is encapsulated in a carbon impregnated cloth which prevents any leakage of granules or powder. This is housed in a Galvanised Steel frame.
  • Loose fill or bonded carbon available depending on type of odours to be removed.
  • Can be used on supply to purify the incoming air and extract to remove toxic gasses and odours generated within a process.
  • Available in depths of 12mm, 20mm, 45mm, 95mm and 150mm.
  • Filter class: 50% CTC

Key Benefits

  • Effective at removing harsh odours and chemicals from the exhaust as well as maintaining good indoor air quality through the supply.
  • Choice of bonded or loose fill carbon panels depending on the odours needing to be removed and the level of filtration required.



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